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Itacare: find any city where the diversity of Brazil.
Itacare is located in the southern region of Bahia. A region rich in traditions of popular culture, still alive, Capoeira, Candomble, which has an exceptional nature, between virgin beaches and rainforest, the village of Itacare reasons rhythms and sounds of Bahia, a village where hospitality and joie de vivre make more sense.
Twenty beaches, rivers, many rivers, waterfalls and a large rainforest reserve with a bio diversity the most diverse in the world. This special combination makes Icarté the most unique place in the world. The coastline is a succession of beaches and hills surrounded by forest and coconuts. It’s an exceptional place where the forest meets with the ocean .. the most beautiful place of the Brazilian coast.
The climate is tropical with average temperature of 27 C degrees . Everything has been developed to accommodate visitors while preserving the richness of the nature, the authentic charm of its past and traditions of Bahia. A wide range of activities and attractions allow visitors to discover and enjoy the diversity of the environment : surf, walks in the forest to explore the waterfalls, educational trail to discover the flora and local wildlife, canoe descent of the River de Contas, you can also do rafting, canoying, mountain biking or simply bathing &swimming in the paradise beaches which borders the village
In Icarté nights are always festive. In any season, the village echoes with the sounds of reggae, forro, samba and other rhythms… all ages and all styles meet around the local beverage Capetas (energetic drink with cachaça & guarana) and we do not forget the famous caïpirinha ! In every bar& every beaches rhythms make everybody dance till the end of the night .. everybody will find his rhythm in a peaceful and relaxed party time!
With its generous & preserved nature, you will find a lots of activities and attractions, a Bahian culture which is alive and a real party atmosphere : Itacaré is an unique & unforgettable place that you need to visit and discover!
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